“This is the most stimulating training I have experienced for years, on both theoretical and experiential levels. Richard and Marian manage to create a safe learning environment in which trainees can try out new skills prior to using them with clients.  Having only completed the training in September 2010, I have found that several clients respond extremely well to EMDR even some people suffering from long term and complex trauma.  I’ve already recommended the training to several of my more experienced supervisees who work with traumatised people.”

– Professor Kim Etherington

“My thanks to (the EMDR Works team) for the outstanding training they provided. Richard has the ability to describe highly complex concepts in a way that inspires the trainee, often using humour or answering with another question to bring about understanding. He is remarkably patient and is clearly someone who continues to be fascinated himself by the healing phenomenon and processes of EMDR. I really enjoyed the training and would definitely recommend it to fellow psychotherapists. EMDR is a powerful therapeutic intervention. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to take part in this training.”

– Rosemary Kingham- Langton, Psychotherapist

“Training to be a safe and confident EMDR Therapist, well versed in the theory and comfortably experienced in the practice of this amazingly effective therapeutic tool is a very important thing to get right.  Richard Mitchell gets it exactly right!  He is the best trainer I have had in any aspect of my ten years of professional training and continuing professional development.  Knowledgeable, friendly, humorous, encouraging and passionate about EMDR, he ensured I learned about all eight important EMDR phases and the varying EMDR protocols to apply for different types of clients…  ….. so that (my clients) now get enduring relief from the disturbing nature of the traumatic memories, sometimes decades old, that have blighted their lives and ruined their relationships.”

– Peter Eldridge Counsellor, Psychotherapist and EMDR Therapist

“I am very impressed with how the four parts have prepared me to practice EMDR, they have built upon each other in a comprehensive way building my skills and knowledge. Thank you all so much”

– Julianne Fetherstnhaugh, Mental Health Nurse

“The best training I have ever done. Professionally delivered and informative”

– Trainee Feedback

“Excellent, I really learned a lot. Very comfortable and ideal learning environment. The trainers were very knowledgeable creating the right atmosphere for learning.”

– Trainee Feedback

“Well organised and structured training. A good balance of theory that is immediately integrated into practice”

– Trainee Feedback

“This has been a well put together training programme. I was impressed with the quality of the material and the professionalism of trainer and staff”

– Trainee Feedback

“The quality is excellent, the trainers kept to time. I felt that I was really learning something new. I would highly recommend this workshop, A very good mix of practical exercises and teaching”

– Trainee Feedback

“It was very good. The teaching was high quality. One of the best trainings that I have attended.”

– Trainee Feedback

“I want to thank everyone for a wonderful experience. All the trainers/facilitators are excellent. The information is professionally presented, but also with warmth and humanity. I will recommend EMDR Works training to everyone that I know”

– Trainee Feedback

“I found the style and atmosphere of all four parts extremely beneficial, There was a very relaxed, but informative atmosphere conducive to skill learning.”

– Trainee Feedback

“I think that this has been an excellent training – from the workbooks provided, the presentations, the practicals and the support provided by the trainers.  I have enjoyed the entire process.”

– Trainee feedback

It was a fabulous training, very helpful and useful to my clinical practice. I feel confident in using EMDR for a wide range of presentations and problems. I am so glad that I have this skill now. I look forward to deepening and developing my practice.

– Alison Tulloh, Counselling Psychologist

I have really enjoyed this training course.  I found all of the slides and printed material comprehensive and clear to understand.  The trainer was open to any questions or concerns we had and managed to always answer them – very impressive.

– Dr Sarah Long, Clinical Psychologist

Just a huge thank you, it has been so informative and enjoyable.  You have generously and consistently passed on a huge amount of information, experience, skills and techniques. You have all been so professional and hardworking, I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to continuing with the EMDR Association in the years to come of professional development.

Trainee feedback

I thought that all four parts of the training were fun and informative.  The experiential component was invaluable as it brought the theory to life.  All the trainers were approachable and made the training an enjoyable experience.  I would highly recommend EMDR Works.  I look forward to working towards becoming accredited in the future.

Julie Birchall


I am amazed at how effective EMDR has proved to be with my cases.  The training has given me so much confidence.  Thank you.

Gemma Fitzgerald

I really valued the diversity amongst the trainers and being able to tap into their shared experience.  I also really appreciated the encouragement to ask questions without feeling embarrassment or awkward.

Trainee feedback