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Training with Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell is an EMDR Europe accredited Senior Trainer and is one of the most respected and experienced EMDR trainers in Europe.

  • He was trained in EMDR by Francine Shapiro in 1993/4.
  • He is the founding president of the EMDR Europe Association and played a pivotal role in building that organisation from four countries with a few hundred members to its present 31 countries with over 25,000 members, making it the largest and most influential trauma organisation in Europe
  • He is chair of the EMDR Europe Standards Committee and is responsible for the accreditation of EMDR Europe trainers and training courses and for the upholding and advancement of standards in training and practice.
  •  As chair, he has contributed significantly to the development, implementation and maintenance of the highest standards in the theory and practice of EMDR throughout Europe and he rigorously applies those standards to his own training.
  • Richard is totally committed to the development of EMDR theory and practice in line with the most recent research and theoretical developments.
  •  Richard is also and a founding member of the EMDR UK & Ireland Association. He is a trustee of the Association and is actively involved in the development of EMDR in the UK & Ireland.
  • He also has developed an international reputation for his work throughout the world as part of the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance programme where he helped to establish EMDR treatment services following natural disasters, war and civil conflict.
  • Richard is a director of EMDR Works Ltd
  • Richard has a private practice where he offers supervision and specialises in working with complex and recent trauma.
  • His background is in mental health social work and psychodynamic and humanistic psychotherapy.
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