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TOM (2020)

“I would like to thank the entire team at EMDR Works for delivering such high standard training throughout the four stages.  I feel it has equipped me and has given me the confidence to practice as an EMDR practitioner, and it has inspired me to continue my learning”.

STEVE (2020)

“Very professional, enjoyable, challenging and well-organised, and huge wealth of information and ideas from highly experienced practitioners.  Can’t wait to put this into practice with more clients!”

CHRIS (2020)

“It was such a pleasure to work alongside such wonderfully passionate, knowledgeable and skilled trainers.  I feel that I have had the best training I could have had for EMDR, and even with having to move online whilst getting used to using it, the mixture of the trainers’ approach, the succinct materials and memorable presentations have allowed me to feel confident!”

LIZ (2020)

“I would like to express true appreciation to Richard and the whole team for sharing your vast experience, skill and passion for this fantastic way of supporting clients’ healing.  I am really pleased to have done the training, which I recognise is just the first step forward to the next steps in incorporating EMDR within my practice”.

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