Trainee-Centred Workshops

Training designed to meet individual trainees’ requirements.

EMDR Works team will make sure that you gain the skills and understanding necessary to begin using the EMDR model right from the time you complete Part 1. Time will be given to discuss with you how to get started and how to apply the EMDR Protocol in your particular work setting.

Interactive groups in a tutorial format.

The consolidation of learning in any training course does not just take place during the formal lectures, but most importantly, in the small discussion and practice groups. At EMDR Works we give special attention and time to making sure that you integrate the information given to you into your practice.

Emphasis on building strong group cohesion.

Your group facilitator is highly trained in building the best possible environment for effective learning. EMDR Works courses members are usually draw from a wide range of professional groups, this gives you ample opportunity to work with those from your own profession, while also providing a rich opportunity to hear and understand different approaches to working with trauma from other mental health professionals.

Training within a supportive and safe learning environment.

Your trainer and facilitator will help you understand through discussion and experience that trauma unites all psychotherapy. There is a common experience and language of trauma which is international. This will help you appreciate that there is a level at which we are all united no matter what our professional background, race or creed and that we are working together towards a common goal.

High staff to trainee ratio, maximum 1 to 12.

The EMDR Works team is highly experienced and trained to give you the best opportunity to learn. There will always be enough staff to make sure that you get the attention that you require to maximise your learning both in small groups and individually. The staff to trainee ratio is never greater that 1 to 12 and is usually lower.

Practical learning and discussion.

EMDR Works training is highly interactive with a balance between theoretical, practical work, demonstrations and video material. Practical work takes place in small groups with the assistance of an experienced facilitator or trainer. You will have the opportunity to practice the protocol by working on your own material both as a client and clinician..

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