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In-House Training & Discounts

In-house EMDR training saves you time and money because our professional team can come directly to you, ensuring there are no travel or accommodation costs incurred for your members of staff.

Without obligation, we will explore your EMDR training needs and will seek to identify and address the issues and challenges faced by you and your colleagues. We focus on providing EMDR training that can readily be applied in practice, resulting in measurable benefits to your organisation. If required, our training team can adapt or add to the core EMDR Europe-accredited syllabus to meet your organisation’s special requirements.

Other Discounts

Group discounts are available for those who attend our scheduled trainings in groups of six or more.
Registered charities benefit from a 10% discount on all our trainings, except for in-house training.

To discuss any of these issues please contact Judy at or phone 01727 851251

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